ZipDownloader for Android: Download and unpack .zip files

Recently, I implemented some code to download some audio assets that are packaged in a .zip file. When first run, the app downloads these assets from a server (S3 in our case), unpacks them, and stashes them away on the SD card.

This is a typical use case for apps such as games, which have a lot of image and audio assets that must be downloaded separately from the application APK file. This is usually because Google enforces a 50-megabyte limit for Android APK downloads. But also it can be a way to put some of your application on the SD card if you cannot support SD card installation for some reason or another.

Being a lazy developer who works under tight deadlines, I went out searching for some code to unpack .zip files. I found one example that was a good starting point, but it ran very slowly and it didn’t clean up after itself well when it was done.

I have built on that example, and produced a working example app for Android that shows how to implement a background task that will download a .zip file from an internet URL, then unzip the contents to a cache folder on external storage (a.k.a the SD card).

The sample app:

  • Traps errors and cleans up after itself in the event of error
  • Performs all I/O operations (network and filesystem) in the background, for StrictMode compliance
  • Keeps the screen alive while the download is in process
  • Locates the files on external storage in a place which will be automatically deleted by Android on uninstall
  • Uses buffered I/O for efficiency
  • Manages internal data in a way as to (mostly) be friendly to the Dalvik garbage collector.
  • Is compatible with all versions of Android 2.1 through 4.0.  It probably will run on earlier versions of Android, but I haven’t tested.

In short, it is production-ready code.

The sample code is published under the MIT open-source license, and is available on my github repository.

Have fun!

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  1. Tiberio
    Posted February 13, 2012 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    Hi! Thanks for the code its great! I would love to use it in my first app but with a few variations. I would like the download to start automatically when you first start the app. Yet, in the consequent start it should only check if the zip is different, and if it is downloading it again. If not then it should just move on to the next activity. Could this be a possibility? Could you help me? Thank you, best regards.